Monday, May 4, 2009

The art of Lapiscalpo

Lapiscalpo is an art form created in the island of Barbados.

The creator and artist is Dennis Sobers, a quiet and somewhat recluse individual. He sees and thinks outside the box by designing and implementing concepts based on the needs of individuals.

“Lapi-Scalpo” is Latin for Stone Scraping. Thus, the art form consists of three processes.
1. The selecting of the appropriate stones,
2. The applying of art upon selected stones
3. Scratching imagery unto stone.

Selecting stones is not as easy as beachcombing on a tranquil West Coast beach. Each stone is hand picked for quality and color, shape and size. As you will notice with each piece of work, they are extremely smooth. Each stone has been tumbled naturally in deep coves across the island. There are no mechanical instruments used to smooth the stones.

The imagery selected for each stone is based on what the artist sees. A nuance or imperfection on the stone can be incorporated into the art form. As you will notice that the color of the stone is reminisce of the ancient art of Scrimshaw. Thus, he applies no other color to the stone other than basic black ink. Each subject is hand drawn to each stone. There is no duplicating machinery or method of rubberstamping of the work.
In purchasing a piece of Barbados Scrape-Stone you own a piece of art as well as a small but real piece of the island of Barbados.

The real unique part of Scrape Stone art is the scratching of imagery onto the small stone. He endeavors to create realistic art but based in miniature. To achieve such a goal there are hundreds of minute scratches and scrapings to the ink applied to the stone. By a gentle or aggressive touch, features such as shades and contrasts are made possible.

Dennis Sobers was born in Hartford Connecticut but has spent the majority of his adult life on the island of Barbados. His other achievements include the conceptualizing of a national movement of health awareness (Healthy Lifestyles). Writing a number of children’s books and in particular reading such stories to children in various schools across the island. He also developed and produced a monthly periodical (The Barbados Building Report) enabling businesses in the island to take advantage of trends and new projects in the construction industry.

Enjoy your stay in Barbados and enjoy your piece of Scrape-Stone .

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